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 Experience the calmness of a great stream and its environment!



Our own spa, the boat landing in front of the hotel, and of especially the Danube valley, which invites you to take a walk, hike, run, or bike, offer a wide range of recreational activities for every guest. Be it during a conference break, after an event, or during a short visit at the Danube - come and "unwind".


Hiking the Danube trail

Several fabulous, romantic trails are available. Our establishment is best suited for daily stages. Additional information can be found at:


Bicycle tours along the Danube

Our hotel is located directly at the Danube bicycle trail: Use our hotel for an overnight stay or depart from our hotel on a one-day hike. For more information, visit


Shipping on the Danube

We highly recommend a ship voyage through the 'Donauschlinge'. Board a cruise ship of the Danube shipping Wurm +Köck at the Schlögen pier. Heading downstream towards Linz, you can travel conveniently through the Donauschlinge by boat. Heading upstream towards Passau, the steep slopes of the Danube valley are an impressive sight.


Traveling through the most beautiful part of the Danube by barge

Travel through the natural wonder 'Schlögener Schlinge' by barge. Motor barges with 5 or 6 HP engines can be operated by anyone at the age of 16+ after a detailed training session. Trips by barge can be started directly at the pier in front of the hotel. For detailed information, visit



Nearby golf courses:

GC Pfarrkirchen im Mühlkreis (14 km), GC Donau Feldkirchen (25 km), Celtic Golf Course Schärding (34 km)


Other destinations in the vicinity:

Nature reserve 'Kleines Kößlbachtal', Danube bridge, Ruin Wesen, churches in Waldkirchen and Wesenufer, Vierviertelblick (view of the 4 districts), panorama view Paschinger Hügl, monastery Engelhartszell, Baumkronenweg (treetop trail) in Kopfing, excursions to Passau, Schärding or Linz and to the neighbor district Mühlviertel.


Further nearby attractions:

Ice and asphalt tracks for Bavarian curling, tennis course, further bicycle trails, sports grounds, beach, hunting ground, water ski, cross-country ski run





Wesenufer Hotel & Seminarkultur an der Donau                                AGB                  

Wesenufer 1                                                                                           Hausordnung

A-4085 Waldkirchen am Wesen                                                           Impressum

Anfragen & Buchung : Tel: +43 -7718 / 200 90are-, office-xya34[at]