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Mission statement & team  


Our institution is an offer from pro mente OÖ. This association already exists since about 50 years. With over 1,500 employees in 200 locations, it coaches and attends to over 30,000 people with psychosocial problems. Our work is cross-confessional and cross-political. We do our best to prevent and counter psychological and especially social exclusion.


On average, we attend to 55 people with impairments in Wesenufer, with the goal of supporting all of them by promoting their autonomy and helping them to help themselves.


Additionally, we are an ecological establishment and take responsibility for our environment. In everything we do, we follow the goal to continuously improve the quality of life. For example, we prefer regional products and groceries, we buy products with environmental awards, and we focus on the efficient use of energy and water. We aim to fulfill the requirements and quality guidelines the mentioned certifications and of the Austrian "Umweltsiegel" in our daily actions.




Team_2016_Leitung und Marketing

General manager hotel:

Margarete Durstberger



Assistant general manager

Beate Beham



Marketing & event management:

Claudia Pauzenberger



Front-desk team


Beate Beham (team leader), Corinna Fasching (assistant team leader), Michaela Schauer, Daniela Magauer, Verena Schratzberger




Service team


Birgit Eisenreich (team leader), Victoria Kiesl (assistant team leader), Christine Stiglbauer, Kathrin Eibl, Verena Schratzberger,

Barbara Beham, Karin Razenberger


Team_2016_Küche 2

Kitchen team


Thomas Mühlberger (team leader & chef), Patrick Lechner, Tobias Schrank, Markus Pracher, Johann Zauner, Ewald Scholl,

 Herta Öttl, Barbara Mitter



Custodial team


Sandra Luger (team leader), Elfriede Klaffenböck, Margit Gahleitner, Lydia Weiss, Claudia Pointner, Sabine Huber


Minimarkt Andrea und Manuela 2016

Mini-market team


Herbert Hinterleitner (team leader), Andrea Schichl, Manuela Holzinger


Sozialarbeiterteam 2016 HP 2

Social work team:


Herbert Hinterleitner (team leader),Martin Moser Andlinger (assistant team leader), Markus Pracher

Team_2016_Harald Fischer und Josef Paminger

Facility management team


Harald Fischer, Josef Paminger


all participants in the areas of skill-oriented activity, ATZ (work training center), in-Takt (work training for unemployed), emplacement foundation, JOBtransfer (new job perspectives), and ITM (individual training procedures)




Wesenufer Hotel & Seminarkultur an der Donau                                   AGB                                                                            

Wesenufer 1                                                                                               Hausordnung

A-4085 Waldkirchen am Wesen                                                               Impressum

Anfragen & Buchung : Tel: +43 -7718 / 200 90, are-office-xya34[at]